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Our Commitment / Our Role


  • We will strive to build an alumni ownership in line with the Mission and Vision of the University of Ghana through the strengthening of the existing relationships.


  • We will endeavor to effectively communicate the needs and opportunities at the University of Ghana, and encourage alumni participation in activities that help support and advance the cause of the university.


  • We shall work to re-establish contact with a significant proportion of University of Ghana’s ‘missing alumni’.


  • We will work closely and collaborate with the Alumni Association to achieve eminence for University of Ghana.


  • We shall fundraise on an efficient, professional and sustainable platform.


  • We will strive to ultimately create programmes that inculcate in students, the importance and benefits of giving back to their University thus facilitating an easy transition of graduates into engaged alumni.


  • We would expect to be judged by standards of excellence in everything we do.


  • We will work as a unique team to achieve our goals.


  • We shall celebrate best practice.


  • We shall continually re-evaluate for continuous improvement.


  • To promote the welfare of and establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the University of Ghana and her alumni.


  • To act as an effective link between the University of Ghana and her alumni.


  • To establish a reliable channel through which alumni will offer meaningful contributions and assistance towards the progress of their alma mater.


  • To strengthen and promote academic, social and financial collaboration between UG Alumni, UG Management as well as the staff and students.