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Robert Ebo Hinson

Robert Ebo Hinson

Title: Professor

Role/Position: Professor

Office Location: RM 2

Email: rhinson@ug.edu.gh



Robert Ebo Hinson is a Professor at the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at the University of Ghana Business School. Professor Hinson has been consultant to several local and international institutions in Ghana including Standard Chartered Bank, HFC Bank, CAL Bank, Merchant Bank, the Enterprise Group; and Ecobank. Robert also sits on the board of Camelot Limited (a listed company). Professor Hinson started his professional career in advertising and has since becoming an academic taught a diversity of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Apart from his experience in teaching, Prof. Hinson has a keen interest in research and in recognition of his research productivity, was awarded the 2008 Emerati Highly Commended paper Award for a co-authored paper published in Corporate Governance, the 2009 Journal of African Business Best Paper Award, the 2010 Emerati Outstanding paper Award for a co-authored paper published in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing and the Best Paper award in the International marketing track at the 2010 Academy of Marketing Conference at the Coventry University Business School, for another co-authored paper.

Professor Hinson is published in or has had papers accepted for publication in rated journals like the International Journal of Public Sector Management, Internet Research, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, and the Thunderbird International Business Review. He has delivered invited lectures in the University of Warwick (UK), University of North Texas Business School (USA); and the University of the Free State Business School (Bloemfontein, South Africa).

His current areas of research are services management, e-business, marketing practice, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and international business. Robert holds two doctorate degrees; one in Marketing from the University of Ghana; and a second in International Business from Aalborg University in Denmark.

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Research : 

Prof. Hinson’s research interests are focused within the fields of financial services management, e-business, SME marketing practices and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in developing economy context. Specific topics include M-commerce and Mobile banking, Entrepreneurial marketing, online brand disposition and CSR among multinational enterprises.

Current research projects
CSR of MNEs in agrifood sector
In the recent more globalized economy, multinational enterprises (MNEs) have come under increased pressure from various stakeholders; governments, consumers, the media e.t.c to pursue CSR policies and practices. MNEs in the agrifood sector a particularly prone to these pressures. This is as a result of the sector’s immense dependence on natural resources and considerable effect on the environment. This study is designed to shed light on the CSR undertaken in the agri-food sector focusing on strategic role, implementation and effects on stakeholders in developing country context.

CSR and employer attractiveness
Evidence from scholarly literature reveals alternating positive and negative stakeholder response to CSR initiatives of firms. These results have been observed to vary across industry and stakeholder groups as well as variations based on company and individual characteristics. There is therefore a need for increased studies into the various dimensions of stakeholder response so as to clarify the mechanism by which CSR generates stakeholders’ response to CSR. This study investigates stakeholders’ perception of CSR and its role in fostering positive stakeholder response in form of attraction to a firm as a potential employee.